The MSBites Collective

A group nutrition coaching program for people living with multiple sclerosis.

The goal of MS Bites Collective is to provide quality evidence-based education, regular coaching and a like-minded community to support you in making peace and living well with multiple sclerosis. During the program we go deep on a variety of topics related to chronic illness, nutrition, exercise, mindset, body image and problem solving.

Who is this program for? It is for anyone living with MS who is interested in eating well and living well with MS. This includes support partners! Because if anyone in your family has MS, the whole family lives with MS.

What is the program length? 12 weeks.  3 months of focused coaching will offer support as you learn and then implement what you learn.  

How many people will be in the group? It will be a small group so we can get to know each other and give everyone attention and support. I don’t want anyone to feel left behind.

What’s the investment? $360.00 per 12 weeks

Can I get more individualized support during the program? Yes. If you would like to add a little more customized support alongside the group experience, members will have the opportunity to request one at discounted rates from within your member portal.

When does it start? The next group will be fall 2021. Leave your name on the interest list below to be the first to find out when I launch next! 

What makes this group different? I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified MS Specialist who has lived with Relapsing Remitting MS myself since 2008. I get it.

The desire to “take back” control is seductive when you live with a disease that has taken away much of what you once had control over. The focus of this group is not control. Rather, we focus on acceptance and gaining strength together to live our best life with MS. This means no food rules, no restrictive eating, no specific recipes “MS Friendly” required. Just a desire to eat in a way to promote physical and emotional health.


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