I am a Blue Cross Clue Shield Provider.

If you are located in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and would like to meet in my office to discuss your nutrition needs, schedule an appointment at at time that is most convenient for you.


You can now receive the nutrition support you need from the comfort of your home.

Telehealth nutrition sessions work easily and efficiently, from your home to my home office.

Sessions are completely HIPPA compliant and confidential.  If you have current health insurance from BCBSNC, such as Blue Options or Blue Value, then your benefits will apply to the telehealth sessions which means there is no cost to you.

Are you a healthcare provider in search of credible nutrition resources for your patients living with Multiple Sclerosis? I would love to make it easier for you to provide your patients with credible nutrition information. Let me know how I can help.

Join us in the Resilient Kitchen Collective where we are cooking up wellness with MS together!

Are you looking for an engaging and well-researched speaker on the role of nutrition in multiple sclerosis?

I offer Group Coaching several times a year. Group members are encouraged to set wellness related SMART goals and work toward those goals during the 3 month coaching program.

Group Coaching is an opportunity to work with a dietitian who understands the challenges of multiple sclerosis, but the backbone of this coaching group is its members! Peer support often provides new insights and feedback that is very helpful to other group members, so group participation is valued! 

MSBites Free Facebook Group

I started this group for folks living with Multiple Sclerosis who:

  • are EXHAUSTIPATED with all of the overwhelming and conflicting nutrition/ MS information want to eat well but are confused about what that means recognize that no diet, regimen or protocol will heal, beat, reverse or cure MS but eating well is an important part of wellness with MS.
  • would really like to connect with, learn from, and get the support of fellow MS’ers who GET IT!
  • recognize that we are all at different places in our MS journey as well as where we are working toward our wellness goals.
  • want to be a part of a community that builds people up! believe that when things are hard, it can feel good to know that we are not alone.

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